They trust us

Nec Deus Nec Dominus Association (NIID): This is an e-sports association that organizes events.
It thus promotes e-sport and video games in the Lyon region and tries to expand nationally.
Specialized in animation (video games and virtual reality) as well as in the administration of video game tournaments; the association aims to create its own events thereafter.

GeekBear is the association of people passionate about online video games who want to give a better image of the "Player" through its community.
If you too just aren't happy with playing video games anymore, we're here to show you that being part of a gaming community will change your gaming experience.
Everyone can find their place, whether you are a casual gamer or the next esports champion.
Our structure brings together members who put their talents and know-how to contribute to the development of our project.
They find visibility, support and help through the community that motivate them to invest as much as possible.

The 1901 law association, beGenius ESC has been present in the world of video games for many years.
Formerly named webSPELL GAMING from 2012 to 2015, the association has gradually taken an important place in French and European eSport, mainly in Battlefield and Counter-Strike.
In March 2015, the association became independent from the webSPELL CMS and set off on a solo adventure!